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Game of Thrones Tour

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Walk in the footsteps of your favourite Game of Throne characters and explore the filming locations of this gripping drama


  • An R-rated tour for GoT fans, newbies and all nature lovers alike
  • Relaxed tour going further inland than many other tours
  • The pass to the impregnable Eyrie at Þingvellir National Park
  • Sansa and Arya Stark on their separate journeys
  • Wildlings invading south of the Wall
  • Expert narration with behind-the-scenes stories throughout the tour


  • Comlimentary pick-up and drop off service for major hotels in Reykjavik
  • Round trip transportation
  • Professional tour guide

Please Note

  • Tour commentary may contain strong language that might be inappropriate for children and/or sensitive individuals.

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71% of reviewers liked this tour
Nov 13 2017
Not a GOT fan, however guide was excellant
Dec 18 2016
Oct 17 2016
We could not have asked for a better tour. With all the places we went it was a blast but not to much for one day. We also loved the fake sword and seeing wifi on the bus. However we wish the lunch place we were brought to was slightly less expensive for hot dogs.
Sep 15 2016
The entire trip was rushed with no time to enjoy any of the stops. We were forced to sit through a horse show at the end that had nothing to do with the tour. We feel the trip was rushed so that the guide could promote this show....we were brought to a gas station store for an opportunity to eat....very unfortunate when you take a once and a lifetime trip to such an amazing country.
Reply From Gray Line:
Hi Robert, 

We’re sorry to hear that your time with Gray Line Iceland and the G.O.T. Tour did not meet the high expectations established by our destinations throughout the world. As a global leader in sightseeing we do rely heavily on the feedback of our customers like yourself to ensure the best sightseeing adventures throughout the globe. Although the Icelandic Horse portion of the tour is mentioned on the itinerary of the webpage, we do understand that some may enjoy it than others. Your remarks about the lack of time spent at some of the stops is certainly something that we can discuss with our Icelandic Agents for future tours. Do know that we'll be sending your feedback to their office so they look into what can be done to make the itinerary more enjoyable and focused on the sites!

-The Gray Line Team
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This tour takes you to some of the filming locations in Iceland where you’ll get to experience Icelandic nature just like the cast members: take in the majestic, sweeping views, watch dancing waterfalls, capture the panoramas in the distance, and experience the stillness and solitude.

Starting with season 2 and continuing through season 7, filming of Game of Thrones scenes has taken place in multiple locations in Iceland, during both summer and winter.

This is unusual, because typically a filming location is selected for a particular scenery or even just one scene. Originally, the plan was simply to use Icelandic locations for scenes set north of the Wall, in the Frostfangs and at the Fist of the First Men.

However, the producers of Game of Thrones fell in love with the incredibly diverse landscapes of this Nordic island, with it’s ice-blue glaciers, black volcanic lava, lush green fields and canyons dividing the Eurasian and North-American plate boundaries that run through Iceland.

So, it was decided to come to Iceland for both warm and cold locations, filming in summer and winter as was required. And even if you have not seen the show, the landscape will take your breath away and the tour is enjoyable for all.

You will journey to the south of Iceland to find majestic landscape and nature chosen for the scenes of the popular GoT TV series and get to know the symbolic significance of the setting in context to the plot. Walk around at Þingvellir National Park where the scenes at "The Bloody Gate" were filmed and visit the Settlement Era Viking Lodge in Þjórsárdalur valley where a particularly hair raising massacre in the series takes place.

If you’re a veteran watcher of the mythical “Game of Thrones” series, a drama as deep and dark as some of Iceland’s glacial lakes, you’ll love this tour that traces the footsteps of your favorite characters through the mysterious landscape of Iceland.

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