Tasty Treats in Iceland

In a somewhat infamous episode of the television show No Reservations, Anthony Bourdain proclaims the Icelandic delicacy hakarl (fermented shark) to be the absolute worst thing he has EVER eaten. This is no small statement, considering Bourdain’s job is to travel the world eating rare and often unpleasant-sounding regional delicacies.

Not all Icelandic food involves 5-month-old meat that purportedly smells like urine, however. The cuisine of this Nordic country, like most others, revolves around seafood, dairy and meat from local livestock. Here are a few must-try foodstuffs on your next trip to Iceland:

Skyr - Technically a cheese, this yogurt-like dairy product is made from skim milk. Healthy, semi-sweet and pleasantly refreshing, locals eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hot Dogs – If you’re not familiar with these, you’re probably wondering how hot dogs ended up on this list. Different than your run of the mill Oscar Meyer variety, Icelandic hot dogs are made with lamb for a little added gaminess, and have a nice snappy skin.

Brennivin – A spicy black licorice-flavored liquor, brennivin will warm you up for those cold days. It’s also traditionally served after a bite of the hakarl, so if you’re feeling really adventurous, go for it!

Have you ever visited Iceland? What’s your favorite local flavor? (If you can’t see Facebook comments, click here: Tasty Treats in Iceland Travel Blog)

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