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Do you Luau?

When visiting Hawaii many travelers wonder if a luau is on the “must-see” or “must miss” list. For me, it is definitely a must-experience each and every time we visit the islands. The following are my own personal top 5 reasons never to miss a luau when the opportunity presents itself:

5. A Festivus for the Rest of Us – A luau is a wonderful festive gathering. People are generally friendly attending these soirées and I have met many lovely people from around the world when partaking in the luau experience.

4. Music and Dancing Hearing those distinctive drums and watching the fire dancers just makes me happy.

3. The Sunsets are Breathtaking – The luaus I have attended have had amazing sunsets in full view. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the end of yet another beautiful day in Hawaii.

2. The Mai Tai – Enough said.

1.  When will you ever see a darling baby look as cute as this little girl?

Well, do you luau? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below! (Having trouble viewing Facebook comments? Click here)


02 2012

Five Songs to Listen to on a Beach in Hawaii

For the majority of you in the Northern Hemisphere, it is starting to get cold. You may still be posting photos of your summer vacations on Facebook or still holding on to your swimsuit, but the truth is, it´s fall. Deal with it. Or don´t. Avoid the cold a little longer by snagging a flight to Hawaii and bathing yourself in warm sunlight on a secluded chain of volcanic islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. With baggage fees annoyingly high, smart travelers only pack the necessities. Sunglasses? Check. Swimsuit? Check. Most importantly, music? Check!

5. “Mirror” Stitches by Pepper: Perfect way to start you beach time with a local reggae beat. Coming out of the Big Island, Pepper will have you mellowed out and bobbing your head on your tropical fish-themed beach towel from the ABC Store in no time.

4. “Beach in Hawaii” Love is My Religion by Ziggy Marley: Now it´s time to get acoustic. While the lyrics don´t get much fancier than the title, the simplicity of this song captures the feeling of longing for the ones we love while surrounded by the beauty of paradise.

3. “Can´t Keep” Ukuele Songs by Eddie Vedder: Who doesn´t love the ukulele? Especially when it´s feverishly played by a socially conscious rock´n roll star and part-time Hawaii resident Eddie Vedder. The music video will remind you why came to Hawaii in first place, with beautiful waves, volcanic rock and lush green hillsides.

2. “You and Your Heart” To the Sea by Jack Johnson: Born and raised on the North Shore, surfer/musician Jack Johnson brings his carefree vibe and guitar playing to the mainland. With songs about surfing, sunshine and of course, love, Jack Johnson is the perfect soundtrack for lying on the beach and reminding yourself that you and your heart should never feel so far apart.

1. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Facing Future by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole: Before you roll your eyes and scoff about how played out this song is, please do me the favor of listening to this song just one more time. It´s nice, isn´t it? The calming “ouuuuu ooooooh” of a 700-pound Hawaiian is like a sweet lullaby for your inner child, softly encouraging you to let your breath flow like ocean waves and relax in the golden sand. This is island life.



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