The Bucket Life - Series Trailer

Watch the introduction to our new original video series that celebrates the true meaning of travel -- its beauty, and its ability to bring us together.

S2, E3: Las Vegas

S2, E2: Yucatán

S2, E1: New Orleans

S1, E1: Iceland

S1, E2: Rome

S1, E3: Barcelona

S1, E4: Amsterdam

S1, E5: Munich

Life is not a to-do list. It's a journey to live for.

Life today is busy. Long lines. Deadlines. A feeling that you'll never cross the finish line. Why is it so easy to just circulate without progressing forward? Why is it so hard to carve out time for your true interests, your deepest relationships, your most meaningful pursuits?

Somewhere along the road, things changed. Life's to-do lists have made us so busy that it's changed the way we travel. It's become less about the fullness of your heart, and more about the number of stamps in your passport.

But there are still those who travel right.

Travel binds us together with moments that fill our basic needs. These are moments experienced in nature, and moments in the systems and society developed before us. They are moments that root our core values, expressing what we hold dear and what we want for generations to come.

Travel introduces moments of mystery, of inspiration, moments of peace and acceptance...moments of fun and earned celebration.

We believe travel is about the experiences that bind us together -- that help us live better lives -- with each experience a chapter in your story. Or is it our story?

Travel is learning from those who came before you, celebrating with those alongside you today and bringing the best of it home for those to come. It's breathing new air, building confidence through experience, breaking bread with friends, finding your stride and raising the tide.

This series celebrates the true meaning of travel -- its beauty, and its ability to bring us together.

This is, The Bucket Life.

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