The Bucket Life: London - Season 2, Episode 4

From Buckingham Palace to Stonehenge, London has a lot to offer both historic and modern.

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The Bucket Life: London

The Bucket Life: London delivers a view of the meaning, tradition, wonder and joy through the eyes of the locals who share their home and history with travelers each day. Highlighting the unshakeable spirit and renowned offerings that make London one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations, Gray Line invites you to the "Old Smoke."

“Londoners, and the British overall, have a strength and resilience you see today built upon those same qualities lived on a daily basis since A.D. 50.” Mikesh Palan, managing director of Gray Line London. 

“When travelers visit us -- and really see what we see everyday -- it is our ability to continue living and celebrating life.  We know that humans have much more in common, more similarities, than differences.

Through our diversity, art, history, through tradition, through architecture, these are expressions of our culture.  And, we love sharing it with the world.”

Live the Bucket Life in London.

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