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The Bucket Life: Munich - Episode 5

Bavaria is the stuff dreams are made of. See why Munich and its surrounding areas are an inspirational experience you just can't miss.

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The Bucket Life: Munich

The same sights and sounds celebrated by cultures for centuries greet you upon your arrival in Munich. This city is about people, those who know and love it best. They know their city has a special aura, a distinctive atmosphere that both surrounds and is generated by its culture.  

Munich, as a city, has gone through its own actualization, having reconstructed the ruins of war-torn buildings with new landmarks.  Munich, and the vast Bavarian region that engulfs it, harness architectural inspiration from an international slate -- French rococo-style castles to neo-Gothic promenades -- yet they all seem to have bubbled up from the ground.


Bavaria is the stuff dreams are made of, literally. Cradled in the German Alps lie the beautiful castles that inspired some of the most iconic modern-day destinations including one mouse's magical home.  Quaint villages and beautiful traditional art also define the mountainous region.

Travel is creativity and spontaneity. And travel reminds us of life’s true motive, the underpinning for everything we do, is to reach our potential. To take what is desirable, make it attainable, to take what’s intangible and deliver our contribution.


And contribute, these Bavarians do. Work hard, play hard defines this community who patiently await the glockenspiel show, which wraps up the work day and ramps up the stage for play. The monks who brewed and barreled the first beers in Munich knew what they were doing.  After a long, disciplined day, this hoppy reward awaited in a wooden bucket and sunny garden. Beer to some is a refreshing break in the day or itinerary, beer to them was tradition and craftsmanship, an “order of purity. “ Bavaria’s beer culture is still a celebration of both the individual and the collective. Today is just one day, one worth enjoying and living fully, one to share with others, and perhaps one in preparation of tomorrow.


Live the Bucket Life in Munich.

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