The Bucket Life: Yucatán - Season 2, Episode 2

The Yucatán provides a perfect blend of rich cultural history and traditional ways of life combined with world-class hotels and restaurants.

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The Bucket Life: Yucatán

With more to share than just some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, the Yucatán's rich cultural history and traditional ways of life combine with world-class hotels and restaurants and a thriving tourism industry to create a destination unlike any other. Offering close proximity to millennia-old Mayan ruins and the myriad of coastal Caribbean Sea adventures, the city of Cancun provides a perfect blend to both pique curiosity and calm the senses.  


Considered a relatively young city, Cancun proper was largely made up of undeveloped coconut plantations until the ‘70s. Yet just a short drive away, the ruin cities of inland Chichen Itza and coastal Tulum bring greater perspective to the Yucatán Peninsula’s earliest residents. Visitors to the area can still experience these great pre-Columbian cities and archeological sites as created by the Maya people between 600 and 900 A.D.


Cancun’s 14 miles of beachfront consist of crushed coral that remains cool to the touch, even in the hottest of seasons. These pristine white sand beaches contrast against clear turquoise waters and lush tropical wildlife.  


One can soak in the sun all day long or tour the Great Mayan Barrier Reef, a coral reef second in size only to Australia’s. And under the water, adventurers can explore Cancun’s sub-sea-level caves, as the city is home to three of the largest underwater cave systems in the world — and they’re all in the Riviera Maya area. The Caribbean also treats travelers to fresh-caught fish at locally owned and operated restaurants, cooking up centuries-old recipes.


Though a desirable destination year-round, Cancun is particularly attractive to visit in the spring. Whether you’ve been before and want to return again or are looking to experience Cancun for the first time, we hope you’ll enjoy The Bucket Life here. 


Live the Bucket Life in Cancun.

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