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Art Institute of Chicago
Historic Chicago South Shore Tour by warriorwoman531
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Historic Chicago South Shore Tour

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Get the ultimate tour of the Windy City. See Chicago landmarks such as Grant Park, Lake Point Towers, Soldier Field, and much more


  • Grant Park
  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • Lake Point Towers


  • Guided tour of Chicago landmarks


  • Food and beverage
  • Optional gratuities

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Jul 15 2018
While we were taken to many interesting locations on the South Shore Tour, we, and others on the bus, were barely able to hear the narration by the driver. Part of the problem was ambient traffic noise, and part of it was the driver's style of speaking, which was staccato-like and hard to understand. At the bathroom break, one passenger suggested that the volume be turned up, but as far as I could tell, it was not. Occasionally we could hear some of the narration, and I was able to piece together some things that I already knew about Chicago. While we were on Lake Shore Drive, the driver spoke extensively, but I don't think anybody heard anything. The whole experience left us wanting for information that we missed out on. This bus had open windows, which contributed to the ambient noise problem. On a Gray Line Tour we took in New Orleans 2 years ago, the bus was closed and air conditioned, and we could hear everything just fine. I would not go on another tour that had the same conditions as the one in Chicago.
May 28 2018
The tour of the South side of Chicago was the worst tour I have ever had. My experience with Gray Line bus tours has been nothing but positive until this tour. Needless to say, I was shocked that it was so bad. The areas that we toured were beautiful, and it would have been wonderful to have been able to understand from the tour director what we were seeing. On the plus side, the tour director had memorized his script well. On the negative side, he was unable to deviate or stop from the script. The static on the microphone was bad, and several of us said something to him early on that we could not hear or understand him. He seemed unable to be to stop from his rehearsed skit and ask us if we could hear any better. He was totally unable to interact with the people on the tour. He had some really strange things going on with the cadence and inflections with his voice. Also, he spoke very rapidly and did not articulate well. The bus we rode was uncomfortable. It seemed that it needed new shocks as we bounced around a lot. The engine made so much noise that there were times we couldn't even hear the tour director. It is also a bit troublesome that a bus driver held a mic with one hand and drove with the other. That is not considered safe driving. I couldn't believe that he did not have a way to talk without holding the mic. His driving suffered because of it. We often stopped suddenly and this contributed to the bouncing around. My sit belt was stuck so I was unable to put it on. The style of the bus did not lead to maximum viewing. As I said earlier, I have been on many tours, and never have I had such a problem. Before the ride was over, members of the tour were laughing because the tour was so ridiculous. People began talking because there was no need to listen to the tour guide. I was so disappointed as this tour had been recommended to me, and I was looking forward to it. I will definitely think twice before Ii ever book another tour with Gray Line. I will definitely ask lots of questions before doing so.
Reply From The Gray Line Team:
We apologize to hear about your poor tour experience. Typically, we are known for the highest standard of service and quality of our coaches. What you described is simply not up to our standard, and we are sorry. In the future, we will continue to fix these issues before they cause serious issues. Thank you for choosing Gray Line and we hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in Chicago.

The Gray Line Team
Oct 10 2016
I didn't know what to expect as this was my first bus tour. I enjoyed it very much, but didn't appreciate the full value until later as I walked the city on my own.
Reply From Gray Line:

We are always striving for customers to feel that their tour was nothing short of a 5 Star experience. If you would like to let us know ways in which this tour could have been improved, feel free to email us at [email protected] We are always open to constructive criticism and the opinions of our valuable clients. 

Hope to hear back-
Aug 24 2016
The tour was set for 3:30 we got held up in traffic and arrived at 3:25 to find out the tour bus had just left. The young lady tried to get him to come back for us but he was not answering. A refund should be forthcoming but I have not seen it yet
Reply From Gray Line:
Hi Jean, 

We want to first apologize for this timing error on our part that led to you not being able to take the tour you had hoped for. While being prompt and on-schedule is something we pride ourselves on, it appears that we jumped the gun a bit on this one. Although at the writing of this message a full refund has been authorized to your account, we do realize it does not make up for the missed opportunity to explore an iconic city like Chicago that you were anticipating. We certainly do acknowledge this mistake, and will be discussing it with our local Chicago Office to ensure that it does not happen again to future customers! 

-The Gray Line Worldwide Team
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This is a tour full of interest, history, and beauty! You’ll travel through Grant Park, the front lawn of the city and site of Soldier Field, Adler Planetarium with its sky dome, and the Joseph Petrillo outdoor band-shell where Chicagoans listen to fine music on summer nights. On your journey you will also find the Art Institute of Chicago, world-renowned for the largest collection of impressionistic art, Orchestra Hall, home of the famous Chicago Symphony, and Shedd Aquarium, the worlds largest aquarium. You’ll stop by the Field Museum of Natural History, which is famous for the size and scope of its collections. Looking over from these sights you'll see the 80-story Amoco Oil Building, completely faced in white granite.

Afterwards, you will travel through the South Commons, a new "close-in" residential community. The tour will go through beautiful Jackson Park, where the Colombian Exposition of 1893 was held to celebrate the founding of America 400 years earlier. Following this you’ll pass through the University of Chicago, with its elegant English style architecture, as well as the Museum of Science and Industry, a tribute to mans ingenuity and inventiveness. Finally, you’ll see the world’s highest apartment building, Lake Point Towers, which is an architecturally stunning building of glass and curves, adjacent to Navy Pier, Chicago’s inland port. A camera stop will be made at the museum campus for its breathtaking view (or a substitute stop will be made).

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