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Full-Day London Experience by Free-Photos
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Full-Day London Experience

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Visit the capital of England on this full-day sightseeing tour of London. See the Changing of the Guards, Tower of London, and take a river cruise!


  • Entry to St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Panoramic tour of London
  • See the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace
  • Free Lunch Pack
  • Entry to Tower of London
  • See the famous Crown Jewels
  • Walking Tour of Greenwich
  • Thames River boat ride
  • Coca-Cola London Eye Experience
  • Luxury air–conditioned vehicle


  • Admissions to Tower of London and St. Paul's Cathedral
  • Panoramic Tour of London
  • River Boat Ride
  • Coca-Cola London Eye Experience
  • Free Lunch Pack
  • Transportation by Air-Conditioned Coach
  • Professional Guide


  • Gratuities
  • Hotel pick-up & return
  • Food and beverages unless stated differently

Please Note

  • On Sunday due to Church services, there is no guiding inside St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Bookings made after midnight for the same day will not receive a free lunch
  • *During Peak Periods, Additional Vehicles Without Wi-Fi May Be Used
  • The Guard Change may not be operational in bad weather conditions. On these occasions we will visit the Horse Guards for a photostop instead
  • The complimentary hotel pick-up service will not be operating from 1st April 2017, guests will have to make their own way to Golden Tours Visitor Centre in Victoria.

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71% of reviewers liked this tour
Aug 19 2018
It was a fun, full day, experiencing a touch of London.
May 28 2018
ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE - the WORST!!!My wife and I have taken many tours, cruises and excursions but this was the worst we had ever experienced – and BY FAR. Nothing has come even close to being this bad.Our tour with Golden Tours was scheduled to begin at 8:30 am . We arrived at 7.55am. After waiting in line for 10 minutes we were told that our tour bus had already departed. We were told that, because of traffic, the departure time had been changed to 8:00 am. We were shocked and had received no notification of this time change whatsoever. We asked “what do we do now?” They said that we can arrange for a refund but not through them, only through whom we booked with – which is GrayLine. We thought perhaps this was just us, but there were two other families present from our group who this happened to as well, and whom were also very upset by both the change and lack of notice. After some discussion over the next 30 minutes or so, the other 2 families were able to change their tour to the following day instead. We were leaving London the next day and were unable to make such alternate arrangements.We asked where to tour’s first stop was. They said St Paul’s. We asked if we could join the tour there. They said we could try but refused to make any arrangements to get us there. They said the best bet might be the next stop at the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, but again refused to make any arrangements to get us there. So we set off on foot through the streets of London to try to catch up with our wayward tour bus and to try to salvage something of the day and of the tour. Of the masses of people at Buckingham Palace and dozens of scattered tour busses, we miraculously actually managed to find our tour bus. However, the group had already set out on foot to watch the Changing of the Guard and we were told that we would never find them in the throngs of people. We told to stay with the tour bus or risk losing them again. So we sat in the bus for the next 45 minutes just waiting. We had now entirely missed seeing St. Paul’s and the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. When the tour group returned we were kicked out of our seats by a very angry and vocal man. The tour guide intervened and apologized but said the seat were pre-assigned and reserved for the entire day. We asked where our pre-assigned and reserved seats were. Our tour guide said we were confirmed on the tour list but he did not have seats for us. He finally found a coupe and we moved to the back of the bus. There was no role call or confirmation that everybody was on board. The bus simply then left. Apparently the bus left late so they were now behind schedule and trying to catch up. The next stop was the Tower of London.For the next 45 minutes the streets were clogged with traffic and busses. We moved perhaps 100 meters in those next 45 minutes. Finally, the exasperated tour guide advised there was a change of plans. We were all told to leave the bus and were going to walk to take a boat to our next destination. The streets were clogged with people as well as traffic. The tour guide walked briskly trying to make up time I guess and we sought to keep up. He did not carry any high visual identification such as a balloon or umbrella of something we could see him with. He just pushed on and we were all left to keep up and keep within distance, even when crossing streets with changing lights. We struggled to keep up as we walked approximately 2 kms through the streets of London. My wife has arthritis and I have a bad back, but we sucked it up and managed to stay within striking distance as we blast placed like Westminster Cathedral, Big Ben, the Parliament Buildings and Westminster Bridge without any explanation or acknowledgement whatsoever of what we were passing from our guide. I can only assume explanations would have ensued had we stayed on the bus. Boy, some “tour”.We finally arrived at the docks and we boarded the boat. Again, there was no role call or confirmation that everybody was onboard, or that anybody had been left behind. The boat simply left. Again there was no explanation of the things we were seeing as we sped along the Thames. Just transportation to the next stop. Get on, drive, get off.The next stop was the Tower of London. We all gathered outside and the tour guide said we would meet at this same spot at 2:25 pm. Afterward we would all again walk across the Tower Bridge to the other side and take another boat to Greenwich. We all enter the Tower of London together and were given a 10 minute introduction speech. We were then told we would have 30 minutes free time and would meet at our pre-assigned spot at 2:25 pm.The only thing we had time to see In the Tower of London was the Crowned Jewels and then had to quickly leave. We arrived back at our pre-assigned spot at 2:25. There was nobody there. We looked around and could not see anybody from our group anywhere. My wife said, “well I guess we’re the first ones here”. After waiting a couple of minutes I started to get a little worried. I asked my wife to check the time. She is fastidious about time. She said it was 2:27 and we had been there a couple of minutes. After a minute or two, another family of 3 from our group arrived and we began to feel relieved. We waited another 5 minutes and another family arrived. We all reaffirmed with each other that we had the right spot and the right time. While we waited, one of the fathers went down to the ferry terminal to see if there had been some mix up. He returned empty handed and could not locate anybody from our tour. After waiting 15 minutes, we had to decide to either wait here indefinitely, or try to catch up to them over the Tower Bridge before it was too late. It seemed clear they had left already. They had obviously again simply left – early with no role call or confirmation that everybody was present.We left hurriedly for the Tower Bridge, again on foot. We scoured the Tower Bridge, we scoured the banks of the other side and spent the next 60 minutes try to reconnect with our group. We were unsuccessful. We were now stranded in the middle of London without either direction or transportation. It was now about 4 pm. We had only one day in London and we had now wasted the entire day. We saw only one attraction, the Tower of London, and only for 30 minutes with no re-entry privileges. We were completely lost, exhausted and VERY upset. This is the WORST tour I have EVER experienced. We spent the entire day trying to either stay with or catch our group. This is NOT our first tour. Far from it, but we have never experienced anything like this before. I would like to think this was just us and perhaps we had some culpability. However, the same thing happened to other families. The tour bus left early without 2 other families at the beginning of the day, and then again left early without 2 other families at the Tower of London. Perhaps this is a way to cut costs for Golden Tours and increase profitability as individual tickets to each attraction were bought by the tour guide on site. For example, St Paul’s were £36 for us (about $65 CDN) and the London Eye were £44 (about $80 CDN).Long story short, we want a COMPLETE REFUND for this complete and this total disaster. Not only did we not get any value from this tour but we lost our only day, most likely ever, in London and had to expend considerable effort, stress and worry trying to accommodate for the early departure without notice, as well as considerable cost to get from London back to our hotel on Earl’s Court.
Reply From Sara:

We would first like to thank you for choosing Gray Line and apologize for your experience in London. We're sorry to hear that your time with Gray Line London and Golden Tours did not meet the high expectations established by our destinations throughout the world. As a global leader in tourism, we rely heavily on the feedback of our customers to ensure the best sightseeing adventures throughout the globe. For this, we thank you for bringing your experience to our attention. We assure you that we take your feedback into high regard and we have already reached out to our local team in London to ensure that this does not happen to customers in the future. Our goal is to always provide the best tourism experiences, which clearly did not happen in London. We are working with them on their customer communications and guide training. We have refunded the full cost of your tour due to this poor experience. Again, we thank you for your feedback.

The Gray Line Worldwide Team
Nov 18 2017
Saw everything we wanted to see. Tour guide was phenomenal.
Nov 15 2017
Mark was an awesome tour guide! He was very knowledgeable, and I've learned a lot about London that I never knew before.
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Comprehensive Panoramic Tour
Enjoy a whistle stop tour of London’s famous monuments and marvel at the history of London’s modern masterpieces from the comfort of your seat. Have your cameras ready for our photo stop at the spectacular Westminster Abbey.

St. Paul’s Cathedral
Towering high over the City of London, magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral is widely considered to be Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece. Enter the Quire and marvel at the beautiful mosaics inside. *On Sundays due to church services, there is no guiding inside the cathedral (Quire entrance only until 31st March).

Buckingham Palace and Changing of the Guard
As iconic an image of London as red telephone boxes and double–decker buses, the Changing of the Guard is a not–to–be–missed royal feast of bearskin hats and red tunics. *We will visit Horseguards Parade when the ceremony is not available.

Free Lunch Pack
To ensure you make the most of each attraction and don’t waste valuable exploring time, our tour includes a lunch pack, completely free of charge! Save time, money and dodge the inconvenience of finding somewhere to eat.

The Tower of London and Crown Jewels
During its 1000 year history this impressive fortress has been a Royal Palace, prison, mint and even a zoo! Be dazzled by the Cullinan diamonds and the spectacular Kohi–i–Noor at the Crown Jewels.

Exclusive feature
ATTACK THE TOWER – Join a Yeoman Warder (‘Beefeater’) for an exclusive and very different view of the famous Tower of London on this guided tour. You will hear the story of the peasants’ revolt and attack on the Tower of 1381, the military cunning used to ensure the safety of the Monarch within, and how the Tower’s very architecture protects it from attack.

River Thames Boat Ride
Setting off from the Tower of London, take to the water on a River Thames boat ride and enjoy a tour of the London sights as you head towards the beautiful Greenwich.

Walking Tour of Greenwich
Explore the quaint beauty of Greenwich on this professionally guided walking tour, covering the iconic tea clipper Cutty Sark and the Old Royal Naval College, designed by Christopher Wren.

After the walking tour, get back on board the River Boat and take in more of the city sights as you sail towards Central London and the iconic wheel of The London Eye.

The Coca-Cola London Eye Experience
End your day with a London Eye experience and enjoy breathtaking views of London in the luxury of your glass capsule.

Your tour will finish at approximately 6:00pm at the London Eye Pier.

  • The complimentary hotel pick-up service will not be operating from 1st April 2017, guests will have to make their own way to Golden Tours Visitor Centre in Victoria.

Check-in: 7:30am
Departure: 8:00am

Return (approx.): 6:00pm

Departure point: 4 Fountain Square, 123-151 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9SH
Return point: London Eye Pier

Golden Tours Visitors Centre, 4 Fountain Square, 123-151 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9SH

Tel: 44 (0)20 7233 7030

Pickup & Starting Points

Please see detailed pickup and starting point information when you complete your booking.


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