Full-Day Tour To Windsor, Stonehenge & Roman Baths From London by FranzVenhaus
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Full-Day Tour To Windsor, Stonehenge & Roman Baths From London

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Enjoy this day tour to the Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Roman baths from London. Admission is included to each of these incredible attractions


  • Entry to Windsor Castle State Apartments
  • Visit Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House and St George’s Chapel
  • Visit Mysterious Stonehenge
  • Free Lunch Pack
  • Entrance to Roman Baths and Pump Rooms with spa water tasting
  • Luxury air conditioned vehicle


  • Admissions to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Roman Baths
  • Professional guide
  • Transportation by air-conditioned coach
  • Free Lunch Pack


  • Gratuities
  • Food and beverages unless stated differently
  • Hotel Pikc-up & drop off

Please Note

This tour will depart promptly at 8:15am April onward and return at approximately 8:00pm Windsor Castle is a working royal palace and planned closures/disruptions may be subject to change. Please view the Schedule tab above for full information on closures. Bookings made after midnight for the same day will not receive a free Lunch pack

  • During Peak Periods, Additional Vehicles Without Wi-Fi May Be Used.
When the State Apartments are closed the Precincts, Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House and the Drawings Gallery will continue to be open. On 18th June 2017, the group will visit Hampton Court Palace instead of Windsor Castle.

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Nov 13 2018
First of all, i called them in advance to ask wether this tour is suitable for people with disabilities and for children under 3. I was informed it would not be a problem. But apparently, there is a lot of waiting time in the cold and there is very limited time with each attraction so that if you are disabled, it would be useless to join the tour as you won't get to see much anyway.Right when we got there, i sensed that the driver and the tour guide were a bit prejudiced. We were a group of Asians and that might have been a cause of their different treatment. Once we got to the bus, no one was there to assist us, and i asked the driver if we could by any chance board the bus because it was very cold considering, i had a 2 year old with me, and my mom was in a wheelchair. The bus driver said "Are you sure you are joining this tour? Because you are going to be standing out in the cold longer than this!" Instead of just letting us board the bus. We had to wait for the guide to arrive before we were actually let in the bus where a lot of other people were already in. You be the judge of that.I think it would be better to do the tour on your own or maybe choose the tours that go to one place only, Windsor is so beautiful and we were only given 1.5 hours to go around the castle, given our situation, we didn't get to see much. The town itself is also very nice and i think a full day here would have been better. Stonehenge is pretty small so the 1 hour they gave us, was just about right, although that meant just taking a photo and not going around the structures or the exhibits. Bath is also magnificent, but we were only given 1.5 hours to explore, so never got the chance to see town, more than a day is needed to really see this town.I think the biggest problem of this tour is that apparently, if you join a tour group, you queue longer than if you went yourself, so most of our time was spent waiting in line, waiting for tickets, waiting to use the bathrooms, lots of wasted time there... i actually thought it would be faster if i were in a group because then, the guide would have bought the tickets in advance and we could go in faster, but here it is the opposite.. So in the UK, go on your own, groups take longer...Also, there is no actual guiding by the tour guide, because apparently, they are not allowed to guide us inside the attractions, so you are very much on your own, which means it would have been better to just go by yourself.Then there is the limited time of the bus driver, we were informed of this before the tour started that the driver has to be back in London by 8Pm max. which meant that because traffic going back would take 3 hours, we had to leave the attractions earlier and we were given less time with each. Then, there's the guide. he was actually a nice fellow who had some witty smart remarks and gave us a bit of information in the bus. His name is Godfrey. The problem was, every time i tried to talk to him or approach him, or just get tickets from him, he would treat me so differently from the other passengers. It was as if just seeing my face irked him or irritated him, which was really sad because i thought he was a nice fellow and it was one of those times i felt prejudiced. Overall, i felt shortchanged with this tour because we were led to believe based on the brochure that we would have more time at each venue, but it wasn't the case, and I felt like i wasted all that money just to get a glimpse of these places and not even enjoy them.
Sep 13 2018
Graham and Alan did an excellent job!
Jun 21 2018
FYI - I did not know beforehand I was touring with Golden Tours. I booked online with Grayline.com and this was the local company they used. I've used Grayline before when visiting other countries, but this was the first time my tour was assigned to a third party. I was a bit worried when I checked in on Yelp that morning of the tour and saw all the negative reviews. I'm glad our tour of Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath was just perfect and what we needed for our short weekend trip. You can easily spend a day each at Windsor Castle and Bath. However if you're short on time and don't mind the " Look, Feel, and Move On" tour for just a taste then this is for you. Our guide was Kingsley and he was funny, witty, and informative. Thank you also to Armando for driving the whole day and getting us back to Victoria Station before 8pm. A vegetarian sandwich box lunch was included on our tour, it is not super filling but we had time to get other snacks at Windsor and Bath as well. You can charge your phones with the USB plugs at your seats, but it's only available during the long driving time in between the destination stops. Overall it was a good tour and well worth the cost. Grayline offers 5% and 10% off coupon codes from time to time as well.
Jun 14 2018
It was a good price for three in one beautiful places!
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Windsor Castle
Steeped in history, Windsor Castle perches proudly on a lush wooded hill overlooking the Thames. Dating back to Norman times, with sweeping landscaped gardens and turreted Round Tower, it’s easy to see why it’s the Queen’s favourite weekend residence. Enjoy a fascinating through–the–keyhole peek at the lavish State Apartments, home to priceless artworks by Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci, and visit St. George’s Chapel, the atmospheric final resting place of former monarchs including Henry VIII. You can visit Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House, a truly incredible structure complete with working lifts, running water, electricity and wine bottles, all in miniature!

Mysterious Stonehenge
The true meaning of this ancient, awe-inspiring creation has been lost in the mists of time. Was Stonehenge a temple for sun worship, a healing centre, a burial site or perhaps a huge calendar? How did our ancestors manage to carry the mighty stones from so far away and then, using only the most primitive of tools, build this amazing structure? Surrounded by mystery, Stonehenge never fails to impress.

Please note that on the 20th and 21st June 2017, the tour will be visiting Avebury instead of Stonehenge due to Summer Solstice.

Avebury (only on 20th and 21st June 2017)
As one of the most well-known pre-historic areas in the country, Avebury will have you asking questions, discovering ancient secrets and mesmerised by its size. The Neolithic monument dates back to the 3rd millennium BC and has Europe’s biggest stone circles which are considered hugely important to many religious followers.

Free Lunch Pack**
To ensure you make the most of each attraction and don’t waste valuable exploring time, our tour includes a lunch pack, completely free of charge! Save time, money and dodge the inconvenience of finding somewhere to eat.

Standing proudly on the slopes of the River Avon, beautiful Bath was the first city in England to be designated an UNESCO World Heritage site. The gorgeous 15th century Bath Abbey, the stunning Georgian architecture, the romantic Pulteney Bridge, modeled on Florence's Ponte Vecchio, are all sights to linger on in the memory of your day. Roman Baths and Pump Rooms No tour of Bath would be complete without a visit to the famous Roman Baths that gave the city its name. This beautifully preserved bathing complex still flows with water from Britain’s only hot spring. Marvel at the dazzling torch–lighting ceremony as dusk falls (not applicable in summer) and sip Bath’s healing waters in the Pump Room, a stunning neo–classical salon.

Estimated arrival time back in London is around 8.00pm.

  • The complimentary hotel pick-up service will not be operating from 1st April 2017, guests will have to make their own way to Golden Tours Visitor Centre in Victoria.
Days of departure: Daily

Check-in: 8:00am
Departure: 8:30am
Return(approx.): 8:00pm

Departure point: 4 Fountain Square, 123-151 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9SH
Return Point: Kensington and Victoria areas - subject to traffic conditions

Pickup & Starting Points

Please see detailed pickup and starting point information when you complete your booking.


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