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Taste The Saga - Beer Tasting

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Learn about Icelandic drinking culture and saga on an entertaining brewery and beer tasting tour of Iceland's oldest brewery


  • Learn about Iceland's unique drinking culture and history
  • Taste the many ambitious beers and delicious Icelandic beverages
  • Have shot of Brennivín, Iceland's signature distilled spirit
  • Discover the technology that makes beer so wonderful


  • Complimentary pick up and drop off for hotels and guest houses in Reykjavik
  • Round trip transportation
  • English guidance
  • Beer tasting

Please Note

  • This tour is intended for those of legal drinking age, which in Iceland is 20 years

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Mar 17 2018
This was so much fun!! Likely one of the best tours I've ever been on. LOTS of beer, tons of funny history and a great guide!
Nov 13 2017
The tour was out of this world, fun and a great laugh. Definitely would recommend to everyone
Nov 13 2017
Everyone involved with this tour was very friendly and made for a great experience. Plus, there was a ton of beer to drink!
Jun 03 2017
We very much enjoyed the "Taste the Saga: Olgerdin Brewery Tour!" Anna the host at the brewery was energetic, funny, gave a great history lesson about the brewery as well as Iceland, showed us around the plant, and kept the drinks flowing! We tried about 5-6 different drinks. The ONLY thing that would have been better, and the reason I took 1 star away, was the pick-up/drop off service of Gray Line. We took 3-4 other tours during our stay with various companies, and Gray Line was the only one that asked us to walk to a random bus stop to get picked up. Our hotel was on a street that occasionally closes to cars; ALL of our other tours either picked us up in front of our hotel when it was drivable OR right on our own corner when the street was closed to cars. ALSO, our tour was a small group, maybe 6 couples. We found it odd that we were picked up in one small bus, dropped off at Gray Line's central terminal, then all loaded onto another small bus to then go to the brewery. On the original pick-up bus were 5 of the 6 couples; we all agreed we'd have rathered go a little out of the way to pick up that last couple and just continue straight to the brewery, rather then disembark, wait around, and reboard an extra time. Also, we asked to get dropped off near a restaurant we had a dinner rez at and the driver said he couldn't; we all got out at 1 of 2 central locations. It wasn't so out of the way, but all of our other tours offered to drop people off at their original hotel pick-ups or somewhere central in town if they had reservations to meet. Otherwise, the Gray Line buses were on time, clean, and friendly drivers -- I just would recommend Gray Line retweek their pick-up/drop-off routine a bit.
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Iceland's drinking culture and history with alcohol is interesting to say the least. From 1915 the nation was subject to complete alcohol prohibition that lasted almost a quarter of a century, when in 1935 wine and spirits were legalised.

Odd as it may seem, beer was not legalised. Beer was considered particularly dangerous for Icelanders and was banned for more than half a century, until March 1. in 1989. The theory was that since beer was cheaper than other forms of alcohol it would likely lead to personal deprivation, poverty and violence.

On the brewery tour of Ölgerðin brewery you will journey through history of brewing in Iceland, dive into the local drinking culture, taste beer and other beverages from Ölgerðin's main brewery as well as a selection of ambitious beers from their award-winning craft brewery, Borg Brugghús.

Established in 1913, Ölgerðin Egill Skallagrímsson brewery employs many world-class champions and has received numerous international awards for beers, including "World's Best Standard Lager″ at the 2011 World Beer Awards and Gold at the 2012 World Beer Cup for best German-style Pilsner.

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