Arlington National Cemetery can be enjoyed throughout every season, year round

Mount Vernon and Arlington National Cemetery Full-Day Tour



Mount Vernon and Arlington National Cemetery in one, full-day, comprehensive tour!


  • Drive through Old Town Alexandria
  • Arlington National Cemetery (guided tram tour included - six stops on weekdays; nine on weekends *** (keep track of the time, however, as you are due back to our motor coach at a specific time that will be given by the sightseeing driver)
  • Numerous sites, including the Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, Air Force Memorial and Smithsonian Museums, from the comfort of our luxurious coaches


  • Admissions


  • Hotel Pick-up
  • Food and beverages
  • Optional gratuities

Please Note

  • You must be present at our Union Station office by 7:45 am at the latest to guarantee ridership on the tour. We are located at 50 Massachusetts Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20002, on the Bus Terminal Level. Once the tour departs, guests cannot join along the route. You should arrive between 7:30-7:45 am to check in properly.
  • Our drivers are licensed DC sightseeing guides, but they do not get off and accompany you to each memorial, as they are responsible for the motor coach, itself.

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94% of reviewers liked this tour
Jun 15 2017
Excellent tours to both Gettysburg and Arlington/Mt. Vernon.Jay did an excellent job of pointing out local landmarks, places of historic interest, and keeping the passengers engaged.
May 06 2017
We were moved by the Marine Memorial at Iwo Jima because my father fought with the Marines depicted in the famous flag raising on Mt Suribachi so Bob gave us a few extra minutes to get photos. He was a caring and kind man and it was demonstrated in his treatment of the tour guests. We had an unforgettable experience.
Mar 27 2017
Not enough time at Arlington. Otherwise great trip.
Jan 02 2017
The timing was just right.
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Mount Vernon and Arlington National Cemetery Full-Day Tour

If you want to pack in two amazing tourist destinations in just one day, then come on the Mount Vernon and Arlington National Cemetery tour. These two areas show so much about American history and the role that each one of us play in it. If you come on this tour, it’s bound to be a day to remember for you.

What can you see on this Tour?

This tour starts off at 8 am at Union Station, where you’ll board one of our motor coaches. We’ll take you on a guided tour to our first stop, Mount Vernon – which was the home of George and Martha Washington. Experience life in Washington’s time on this tour and find out how he came to be the first president. This retroactive look at his timeline will show you where he came from, how he won the respect of his peers and everything that he did for the country. His life was fascinating and he’s a truly interesting historical figure to learn all about.

The morning of this tour is dedicated to George Washington and the times in which he lived. After a view of this area, we’ll be going to Arlington National Cemetery for the afternoon portion of the tour. This is a more muted part of the tour, as we partner with the Arlington National Cemetery Tram and its guides to provide you with a look at the various memorials. Servicemen and women are still buried here daily, so the officials ask that tourists be respectful.

The cemetery is the home of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and visitors are permitted to view the Changing of the Guard, which is a solemn ceremony. Your Tram will stop at several locations within the cemetery, and your time should permit you to get off once or twice.

Why should you go on this Tour?

If you’re interested in iconic locations in American history, then this tour will be ideal for you. Our talented driver guides will make every moment of the day great. It has a brilliant mixture of structure and freedom, as you can visit some sights alone and others with the group. We hope to see you on our next tour.
The motorcoach departs from Union Station at 8am and heads directly to Arlington National Cemetery:

1) Arlington National Cemetery (8:30am -10:30am)

2) Mount Vernon (11:30-3:00pm)

  • The schedule is tentative. The tour order may be reversed when necessary.

Arlington National Cemetery's tram has six stops on weekdays and nine on weekends. We advise only getting off at the Kennedy Gravesite stop and Memorial Amphitheatre Stop (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Changing of the Guard) to allow you to return to the motor coach in time for the 10:30 am departure. List of stops at Arlington:

1) Welcome Center
2) Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima) -- there is a 5-10 minute walk to the memorial from the tram stop.
3) President John F. Kennedy Gravesite
4) U.S. Coast Guard Memorial
5) General Pershing Gravesite
6) Memorial Amphitheatre and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
7) Arlington House (AKA Robert E. Lee House)

On the weekends, the following stops are added:

1) Sections 54 and 55
2) Columbarium and Niche Wall
3) Section 60 and 9/11 Memorial