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Travel the world with the global leader in sightseeing and tours since 1910.

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At Gray Line Worldwide, we're a team of world travelers just like you. With a passion for cultural exploration and a sense of adventure, we know what a great vacation should be. We're here to help you make the most of yours!



Brad Weber

President & CEO

Brett Asbury

Executive Vice President & COO

Candra Talley

Global Licensing Manager

Cody Chamberlain

Customer Engagement Manager

Dale Berridge

Vice President, Strategic Programs

Dalton Berridge

Event Coordinator

Dillon Bollig

Ecommerce Coordinator

Emilie Schlafly

Senior Marketing & Member Services Manager

Javier Bracamonte

Senior Customer Engagement Specialist

Kieran Doyle

Customer Engagement Specialist

Kelly O’Flannigan

Customer Engagement Specialist

Monica Valdez

Senior Director, eCommerce

Nikki Weber

Customer Engagement Specialist

Richard Goblot

Regional Coordinator, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Sara Jenkins

Customer Engagement Specialist

Shawn Richardson

Ecommerce Content Specialist

Tarja Toivonen

Accounting Manager



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