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Retail travel agents and accredited resellers have exclusive access to book all Gray Line tours for a 10% commission through a dedicated agent login. Our Travel Agent program is free to join and easy to register. Once you complete the registration form, we will confirm your acceptance within 1-2 business day.

Please note, you must be an accredited travel agent with an affiliation such as ARC, IATA, IATAN, CLIA or TRUE in order to register on our site. Be sure to enter the full office address associated with your accreditation. We are unable to verify registrations without this information. By registering with us, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of our site(s).

Gray Line Commission Program

Gray Line offers two commission programs for Travel Agents to choose from depending on their personal and agency needs and structure.

Instant Commission –Travel agent commission is provided in the form of an instant 10% off the sale price on the date of booking. This is a great option for agents and/or agencies that use their own credit cards to make the booking and then invoice their clients for their travel and sightseeing. Commissions are not provided in the form of a check or any other post-travel payment method. If you choose to use a customer’s credit card to book using instant commission, their credit card will be charged 90% of the total retail cost. To receive a commission via this method, you will need to separately add any desired commissions into your service fee to the client.

Agent Direct Pay – Travel agent commission is 10% of the sale price and is direct payment to the Travel Agents/Agency bank accounts through a dedicated payment provider. Commissions will be issued by our dedicated payment provider on the date of travel. This is an option for agents and/or agencies that use their own credit cards to make the bookings, but who also sometimes may use their client’s credit card to make the booking.

TourCMS Marketplace is powered by TourCMS which gives Travel Agents the ability to connect not only to Gray Line Worldwide, but also to all global Gray Line locations. TourCMS also allows Travel Agents to access all of their bookings and statistics through the agent control panel.

Gray Line Travel Agent FAQ

I forgot my password; can you send it to me?

You may retrieve your password by selecting the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD link just below the Login button in the Agent Login screen. For security purposes we cannot access your password, but we can send you a link to reset it after you submit your email username.

Can you book my client’s tours or transfers over the phone?

We are happy to offer any support over the phone; however, to be eligible for your agent’s commission, you must book your client’s tours through the agent portal on our website. This will ensure that the prices of the tours reflect the 10% commission and allow you to collect it. Any tours booked over the phone are not commissionable.

We don’t have an agency credit card or process credit cards in-house. Can we request our commissions payment via check?

If you choose the 10% instant commission option, then we cannot issue any commissions from Gray Line. If you do not have an Agency Credit card you may charge the customer’s card for their Gray Line tours; however, you will need to directly collect your commissions from your client in whatever form is most convenient for your agency. So, if you do not process credit cards in-house, you may accept payment from your customer in cash, check, or whatever method works for you and your client. 

If I am using my agency credit card to pay for the tour, whose name do I enter under Personal Details?

Once you have selected your client’s packages and are ready to checkout you may enter your client’s name under Personal Details. You will strictly enter your agency credit card information in the Billing Address section and then when asked for the specific card information in Payment Details.

Is the voucher the only document I need to print for my clients to take with them?

Yes, upon booking our Gray Line tours an email will be sent to the address associated with the reservation. This confirmation email includes a link to your client’s vouchers for the tours. The vouchers must be printed or visible on a mobile phone or tablet and presented at the time of the tour. The vouchers also contain vital information including detailed tour information as well as the direct contact information for our local expert at your client’s destination.

My client will not have a phone with them to call and confirm their tours. How can they re-confirm their tours when on vacation?

We understand that travelers are busy…well, busy traveling and exploring. We recommend a general time frame to contact the local office to verify their tours; however, if your clients cannot access a phone or email 24-72-hours prior to their trip, as indicated on their voucher, they may call our local office in their destination prior to this window. This may be before they embark on their trip and is to confirm their arrangements to ensure they are on the same page with the local expert and all set for travel.

How can I view the bookings I have made?

You may view all the bookings you have made with Gray Line through our website by logging into the agent portal and specifically selecting the location “My control panel to check bookings/statistics” at log in. Here you may track your purchases for clients throughout the world.